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"My back pain is 99% gone..."
It's been four months since I began yoga with you. At first I was skeptical of yoga, as well as having a trainer, but after having seen such amazing results in such a short period of time I'm a firm believer in both now. My back pain is 99% gone, I have tons more flexibility and balance and the icing on the cake is the definition I'm seeing in my body overall. Thanks so much for your encouraging words and dedication to your craft!
-Kara Baker


"I'm working out half as much..."
Within the last year I was not seeing the results I wanted so I increased my gym time, lifted weights more and changed my eating habits slightly. I wanted to lose about ten pounds and see more definition in my muscles.
My workout included going to the gym at least four to five days per week spending 2-3 hours each time I went. Not only was I exhausted and frustrated, but I had GAINED weight and my body did not look the way I wanted it to at all.
I had enough, so I enlisted the help of Jennifer Schaub. Almost immediately I started seeing a difference in my body. Within the first month of training I lost more than five pounds, four percent body fat and many inches all over my body. I'm working out half as much and seeing amazing results.
I am extremely thrilled to have found her and now realize I would have never achieved the results I was so desperately trying to achieve but wasn't. I cannot wait to see how my body looks in another month. I feel like I am finally achieving the body I have wanted for so many years.
-Rachel Andrews










Jennifer Schaub